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General announcements / Server shutdown
« on: 10.03.2019 | 18:27 »

due to very low interest towards the server, I will take the server down on 29th March 2019 (at least for now). All player progress will be securely stored and will be used if / when the server relaunches. Follow our Facebook page ( for any further updates about the situation.

Thanks for the past year once again :)

General announcements / IP CHANGE
« on: 19.07.2018 | 16:20 »
Server IP has changed.

General announcements / Connectivity issues
« on: 06.07.2018 | 17:04 »

we are currently experiencing some connectivity issues with the server. Players may time out unexpectedly.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

General announcements / Rename/house renting bug
« on: 30.06.2018 | 02:04 »

there was a bug when a player was renamed, the name change was not correctly applied to the houses they were renting. If you have been affected by this bug please kindly reply here with your old
and new name (if you still have houses with your old name) and we will fix those manually. This bug has now been fixed and will not happen again in the future.

As posted on Facebook already, the first reset will occur today, 23:00 GMT + 2 (Finland time). 5 hours from posting this message.

Some players are at least for now excluded from this reset - don't wonder if some properties won't free up.

Events / Re: Double level event
« on: 21.06.2018 | 22:11 »
This is a reminder. This event is starting in 50 minutes from the time of this post.

American Trucking has been published on hosted tab of SA-MP browser. Hopefully this will bring us new players.

Not sure if I can afford this monthly, we'll see :)

General announcements / Advertising AT
« on: 21.06.2018 | 16:57 »
If you want us to gain more players, do not advertise on other servers. You could copy a banner from here instead and paste it on your website or the signature on some other forum? :)

Rules & Guidelines / Forum rules
« on: 16.06.2018 | 17:46 »
Code: [Select]
Last updated: 18th June 2016
The rules can be changed any time! With or without notice!

1. Only english on the forum (Except PMs)
2. No advertising (Includes everything; websites, other servers, etc.)
3. No spamming
4. No double or tripleposting (Except announcement threads)
5. No insulting
6. Respect all other members
7. No mod-sharing or presenting ( = Do not share any game modifications like cheats, vehicle mods or modding tools)
8. No offensive language
9. No personal profit links (, etc.)
10. In-game rules also apply on the forum

Thread that contains unnecessary content or anything that's clearly post / reputation hunting can be deleted by an admin either with or without notice

Rules & Guidelines / In-game rules
« on: 16.06.2018 | 17:42 »
Code: [Select]
Last updated: 9th March 2013
I reserve the right to modify or add any rules at any time. With or without notice

1. No deathmatching (includes all forms of DMing; vehicle killing, ramming, punching, kicking, shooting, EVERYTHING)
2. Always respect other players and especially admins
3. Only english in the mainchat. Use /pm in case you need to speak other languages
4. Do not exploit any bugs. This also applies to San Andreas bugs
5. Do not abuse anything
6. Do not point offensive language at anyone
7. Do not use any kind of cheats / mods / tools to gain special advantages. Modifying the game's behaviour is also forbidden. /report cheaters
8. Do not evade police OR jail by teleporting, /kill:ing or disconnecting
9. Do not cause harm to anyone (Destroying vehicles for example)
10. Do not ask for special advantages (Money, score, admin level, etc.)
11. Do not share your account with anyone else
12. No multi-accounts. Only one account per player || More than 2 accounts will result in a permanent ban
13. The creator of an account owns it forever - accounts must not be sold
14. Do not bother administrators with useless assistance requests or private messages
15. If you see a rulebreaker (cheater) do not reveal it around in the mainchat but /report the player
16. Abusing desync SA-MP bug is strictly forbidden (stealing owned vehicles when occured)
17. Be friendly and nice to make everyone feel happy!

You may also read the rules ingame by typing /rules

Also note that we do not list all minor conditions here since you should have some common sense while playing on the server. Think twice the consequences before doing - not vice versa.


since all old players will be given equal chance to claim their properties back, the automatic resetting of properties is disabled until 29th June 2018. After that date auto-reset starts to function normally.

General announcements / Server IP address
« on: 13.06.2018 | 22:09 »
Currently, the server IP address is

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